Julia Stone

  • Full Name: Julia Natasha Stone
  • Born on April 13, 1984, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Is a singer-songwriter and musician.
  • Started her music career as part of the duo “Angus & Julia Stone” with her brother Angus Stone.
  • Released multiple albums and EPs with Angus, gaining critical acclaim and commercial success.
  • Known for her ethereal vocals and poetic songwriting style.
  • Has collaborated with various artists and bands on music projects.
  • Released her debut solo album “The Memory Machine” in 2010.
  • Continues to release music as a solo artist alongside her work with Angus & Julia Stone.
  • Active in philanthropy and supports various charitable causes.
  • Known for her indie folk and indie pop music style.
  • Has a significant following in Australia and internationally.
  • Continues to tour and perform live concerts.
  • Recognized for her contributions to the indie music scene and her distinctive musical style.

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