Eliza Dushku

  • Full Name: Eliza Patricia Dushku
  • Born on December 30, 1980, in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Started her acting career at a young age, debuting in “That Night” (1992) and “This Boy’s Life” (1993).
  • Gained prominence for her role as Faith in the TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and its spin-off, “Angel.”
  • Known for her diverse roles in both television and film, including “Bring It On” and “Tru Calling.”
  • Acted in various genres, showcasing her range as an actress.
  • Engaged in voice acting for video games, notably as the character Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the “Batman: Year One” animated film.
  • Has been an advocate for causes like animal rights and has supported various charities.
  • Courageously spoke out about her experiences with sexual harassment in Hollywood.
  • Continues to act in both television and film, with recent roles in series such as “Banshee” and “Bull.”
  • Actively engaged on social media platforms, sharing insights into her career and personal life.
  • Recognized for her acting talent and her contributions to both television and film.

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